Stuff from my tablet

...Which is rarely used now that I have a smartphone, but still has some entertaining stuff on it.

From when we were snowed in at Felix's parents' home in Terrace, a Canadian poem:

"I was like,
Tape, tape tape
Then I was like,
Arg, I need more tape
So I went back into the store and I was like,
I need more tape
And they were like,
Whatever, give me your save more card
And I was like,
Tape, tape, tape
And then I texted you."

Assorted other stuff:

"How alpha can I possibly be? You're an octopus!"

"Fungible female!"
*kick* "I know what that means and I will kick you for it!"

"It was like the time I decided to eat the spider, only worse" (as far as I know, a nonsensical sleep-rambling)

"Yeah, you can be my sausage-casing! ...I just went crunch."

Felix and I are currently parenting some seedlings
...and I have seedlings on the brain. Seedlings seedlings seedlings.

So yeah, we've got:

  • 2 x heirloom tomatoes (seeds)

  • 1 x basil (seeds)

  • 2 x "Tiny Tim" tomatoes (seeds)

  • 2 x peppers (seeds from packets)

  • 4 x peppers (seeds from peppers we ate)

  • 2 x cucumbers (seedlings)

  • 4 x Laxton peas (seedlings)

  • 4 x Lincoln peas (seedlings)

  • some number of spinach seedlings

  • some number of lettuce seedlings

  • ...and I think we have some boring normal tomato seedlings too.

It started off so innocently! I just wanted a few vegetable plants for summer, and now I'm mentally dividing up the balcony between potentially more than 20 plants and just... hoping we can eat most of the resulting stuff, assuming they fruit this year.

I'm especially curious about the cucumbers. Recently I've noticed that cucumbers tend to taste really bitter on the outsides, and I'm just hoping it's something being sprayed onto them. That shouldn't be a problem for us, because they're all gonna grow in pots on the balcony (assuming cucumber plants can survive that kind of treatment), so I won't have to deal with pest control. Other than dealing with raccoons, and if half the tomato plants survive, I figure I'll be ok with them stealing some...

So far, the peas look the sturdiest. Apparently my dad's never had any real luck with them, so I'm goig to hope my incompetent bumbling will succeed where his experience has failed.

If this all works out well enough, I might even grow some actual flowers at some point.
That would be odd. I generally disapprove of plants one can't eat.

(no subject)
I am sad about Leonard Nimoy.

I spent a lot of my childhood pretending to be a Vulcan so that the other kids couldn't hurt me.
The Vulcan characters were probably part of the reason I value rationality as much as I do.
I know that Spock was important to Felix as well.

I am not looking forward to the day when I'll be writing something like this about Patrick Stewart.

Husbands are troublesome creatures
(01:27:37) Leila: husband came home; snuggled husband
(01:27:37) Alex: Excellent!
(01:29:14) Alex: Why stop?
(01:29:28) Leila: HE FELL ASLEEP ON ME
(01:29:30) Leila: ooops, caps lock
(01:30:09) Leila: I said I liked him more than cheesecake and that that was a huge compliment, he said he had a huge compliment for me in his pants, then he fell asleep on me

Also, fantasy-readers who like long series with mortal characters should probably investigate Adrian Tchaikovski... I really like Shadows of the Apt and I'm kinda sad that I only have two 500-page books of the series to go. :P

We're getting a new one, courtesy of the council. Dunno where I'll be sleeping yet, but probably not in my own room. Bleh.
Why's this kind of thing always happen around the time we get Canadians?

28-hour days

They are tricky to notate.

I've resorted to this as a conversion thingy so I know when to sleep and when I am sleeping, and the two things are frequently different. But not too much so, with this cycle, because 28 hours seems to be enough for me while 24 isn't. Anyway, this:

Day 1: Sleep 12:00 - 22:00 Monday
Day 2: Sleep 16:00 Tuesday - 02:00 Wednesday
Day 3: Sleep 20:00 Wednesday - 06:00 Thursday
Day 4: Sleep 00:00 - 10:00 Friday
Day 5: Sleep 04:00 - 14:00 Saturday
Day 6: Sleep 08:00 - 18:00 Sunday

This is to counter my sleeping problems, which mostly consist of not being able to sleep until I'm tired, and if I try to sleep before I'm tired, I don't get to sleep properly at all and just fitfully doze. Which is what was happening through most of 6th form, and it was fairly rubbish.
It seems that, when I think I should be on a 24-hour cycle, I naturally tend towards a 26-hour cycle, but even that shifts, which is why I'm trying this instead.

If it works, I'll be able to book a haircut! Finally! I'm SO VERY FED UP of having hair this long and this split-endy...

I went to visit my wedding dress with Mum. She seems to approve, despite the colour!
Also, my ten new balls of yarn have arrived. Yaay!

General Happy Stuff
This is intended as a reminder that the world's not always as bad as it seems.

Any other links?

(no subject)
Nothing much has happened lately. The fortnight mark has been passed since last talking to my latest ex, but that's about it.

I have jeans that fit me, last night was rubbish, I want to kidnap Sasha (but just a little bit) and I'm finding it really odd to actually be sort of getting on with my little brother.

I was considering leaving Spank but I've been a lot better recently, so maybe I don't really need to.

Oh, I've been practising You Don't Know What Love Is on the guitar, along with generally trying to get the hang of hearing keys and knowing which chord shape to go to next for any given known tune... and I played violin a bit today as well. It actually went pretty well in places, but then kinda fell apart. Oh well. Maybe I'll switch to the flute tomorrow!

(no subject)
...I made quesadilla-type food. Vegetable-based, of course — mushroom, celery and orange pepper. Worked rather well.


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